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Brown Spots on Hands in the Older People

When people grow old, they can have brown spots on hands. This brown spot is also reconsidered as liver spots where it is usually appeared on hand because of too much sun exposure.

While there is still another cause of the brown spots, if you want to remove the brown spots, there are so many treatments that you can try.


The causes

Beside too much exposure under the sunlight tree are still many causes dark spots on hands, such as pregnancy, aging, liver diseases, hormonal imbalance, stress and genetic.

There are some treatments that you can take to lose the brown spots, the first is over the counter topical ointments where this product contains kojic acid, hydroquinone, azelaic acid and many more that will be able to get rid the brown spots. However, you will need months to lose the brown spots.

The next process is microdermabrasion where the article of micro crystals is poured on the surface of the skin that will be perfect to lose the brown spots  but also able to reduce the line and wrinkles.

The next is intense pulsed light therapy, where you will need to take laser treatment where after the treatment the brown spots will flake off and you can get your skin free from scars and spots. While there are still another treatment that you can do to remove the brown spots such as using chemical peel.


Brown Spots on Hands

Brown spots on hands – Home remedies

There are home remedies that you can take to remove the brown spots on hands and arms if you do not want to get treatment in dermatologist and they are quite easy to do.

The first is you can make a red onion juice and mix it with 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and then you can apply it on the spots. When it is dry, you need to clean it.

The next home remedies that you can try is using lime juice and mix it with 1 tablespoon of yogurt, and apply it on the spots, let it dry and rinse it.

Light brown spots on hands

You can also try to use honey and cinnamon powder mix into one and apply it regularly so that the brown spots will be reduce and it will also keep you from  sun radiation. However, when you are using home remedies, you need to be patient, because it will need time to heal brown spots on hands.

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