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Small White Spots on Skin Removal

Do not underestimate the small white spots on skin, because it can be the beginning of other skin diseases. That is why you need to know more about this small white spots so that you will be avoided from the skin diseases or even you can remove that white spots on skin.


Small white spots on skin- The causes

One of the white spots on skin causes is vitiligo where the skin is not producing melanin  where  the white spots can be enlarged that create patches on skin where it can be widespread to another  area of the body.

The next is fungal skin infection when there were too much fungus on the skin will worse you skin condition where it is usually appears in the youngsters. It is usually on some parts of the body such as chest, back, and shoulder area, where those who have oiled skin have a risk on getting the fungal infection.

While other causes of the white spots on skin, such as nevus depigmnetosus, pityriasis Alba, and idiopathic cuttate hypomelanosis.

Small White Spots on Skin Fungus


How to cure it?

When go to the dermatologist, there are some treatments that they offer and they will examine you to know the cause of the white spots on skin so they can give you the right treatments.

Small White Spots on Skin Pictures

Some treatments options that they might suggest are tinea versicolor treatment. Where usually it will use antifungal medicines such as miconazole, some lotions, and many more.

Rinea Versicolor Treatment

In addition, vitiligo treatment where it will need to use corticosteroid creams and herbal remedies that will effective to lose the white skin. While for the pityriasis alba sufferer, they can also using the same cream like  for vitiligo and use good moustrizing will be able to bring the skin color back.

While for the idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis, they can take crytherapy, which will destroy the affected small white spots on skin.

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